POV Dr. Jamison

She bends over and wiggles that thing in your face and you just go crazy on that fine ass. We’ve found a way to make beautiful hard-bodied babes even hotter… Captured by the real King of Pops! Something sweet that you can suck on he says. This time the enemy can only be beat with the best of sexual knowledge and experience. Good Lord… it’s a jungle in here! The Wizzard will control all you see from tiny to huge, hairless to hairy. The third scene features Taryn Thomas getting her ass filled. She’ll cook you supper, sit you down, and then she’ll suck and blow! Welcome tot he dark side! Three of these five Chicas even take it up the ass, something we’re sure Mr.Blackwell would appreciate! A special investigation reveals that prostitutes are cashing in from the health insurance companies by pretending to be private nurses for their perverse clients. Watch as these queens of kink get ultra nasty! In Screw The Crew, gay porn director David Moser gets frustrated when his video shoot goes on location and experiences costly delays from the crew slipping away to have more sex with each other than what they’re supposed to be videotaping! Dick sucking lips and the girls that use them: that’s what it’s all about!

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