Original Theatrical Trailer for Pink Gold

We’re ushering in the new generation of dick worshippers, and the bar has been set for the youngest of the young sluts. A smart cook keeps her vibrator in the kitchen drawer next to the foil wrap. See what happens on campus as a bumbling tutor cocks up! An entire hour of the best ass-slammin’, pussy-poppin’ action. There’s curvaceous Calli Cox, a spoiled rotten debutante who loves giving head. Pussyman finds a few brand new Butts and some extremely hot know Butts and gives ya the nastiest and hottest action today. But that doesn’t mean they can’t fuck a sweet air-tight ass. They’re all about getting wet, and always in the market for a “woodie”! This time he has gone to far! Starring: Allison, Demi, Lexi and Melanie. Don’t forget to cum down their throats! This is a story about six young girls who tease the camera as they tell and then show all you horny fuckers how to fill their sweet pussies. When a patient is sent to Doctor Isabella with an acute case of ticklitis, She prescribes some very unconventional therapy – tickle torture.

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