Marsha Jordan Triple Feature – Sticky Fingers

Sunset is due any minute! We want bush! Hot one-on-one, oral, facials, 69, lesbian! To her surprise coach Hartley shows up again to give her a hand stretching. He makes sure she gets every bit of his giant cock on every stroke. A tantalizing sexual romp into the world of Euro-Style latex fetishism. One of the guys finds it hard to believe that his buddies get so much, while he gets so little. Jewel Valmont (Ava Vincent) turns in some nicely cheeky work, raising the arousal level instantly whenever she shows up on screen. I give them an A+ for their “In the Club” moves… She told me later that going against her father added spice to their relationship. Other standout scenes include Simone Claire, a stunning creature who’s not above spreading her cheeks for big lap monster. Avalon gives Babes Illustrated an unexpected twist, kind of like two gorgeous bikini-clad beauties bathing on a s This contains 12 scenes of the instant satisfaction that you sometimes need! Look at how wide she spreads her legs.

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