Erotic Encounters

We shoot this video in Brittany Andrew’s sprawling Manhattan Penthouse. Choose your card! Like when you’re little lady has lots ‘a hair? Twisted: Two college girls in a twisted game gone crazy. The runaway best selling series returns with another set of must see gushers and suckers. Four all black hours of 100% dirty, nasty, filthy, hard-fucking-core all Taking you on a journey to both erotic and kinky heights. Open wide and say ahhhhh!!! So, hang on to your chopsticks you’re in for a ride! At such a fresh age, they sure know how to make it hot in the sack. So enjoy the best in anal action…’cause it’s true, we’re bringing up the rear! Includes UK star Cathy Barry’s first double anal/double vaginal scene. If you love the feel and smell of fine feet and you want some cock with your tits, then this is the place for you. (Only from the mind of Adriane Gold!) Alone, she undresses out of her uniform and, before eating the banana, she has a little fun with it. Then she flips over to receive his creamy wad on her tight stomach. The two film students have gotten back from the prom and they’re pretty trashed. These soldiers aren’t the only things to stand tall in this film!! Like the ladies? The loser is then forced to do the winners bidding and more often than not that means locking tongues for the rest of the evening. She was brought in for an attitude adjustment and her captor shows no mercy.

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