Lesbian Legal Part 9

We set up a gangbang and there were supposed to be several ladies but only Creamy showed up and she got ALL the cock to herself! There’s so much eye candy in this movie you don’t know which hot guy to focus on first. One thing they all have in common is their young age and their insatiable desire to learn! And then we have a D.P. with Ariana, and after that scene she needs a double shot. Eventually, their ruse succeeds and a new gay disco arises, thereby turning the lads into young entrepreneurs! They start by eagerly ripping their shirts off to reveal their slippery bare tits, and by round #3 their panties have been tossed somewhere in the crowd! Jake’s Casting Couch is a pair of solo videos featuring the men who appear in M2M action on the StriderGuys series. The word’s out! Well, their captors do – and quickly find a computer disk to prove it. How do these girls take them with ease? Gored at the Grand Prix! With the anal pulsator still in place, Doctor puts the vibrator to good, and fast use. Well the lovely Ms.Dare is the host of the wildest talk show of them all! Lots of girl on girl with a smattering of ass fucking and cock sucking thrown in for some premiere variety! Unbearable perversity!

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