Going West

Each of the three gals is an obvious adherent to the philosophy that there’s no such thing as a breast that’s too big, and they’ve all delved more than once into their bank accounts to splurge on some silicone insertion. When she arrived on set, she confessed that not only was she not on birth control, but it was her most fertile time in the middle of her cycle! But these horny fucking queers lurk in the steamy jungles south of the border, and they’re rabid to wreck some serious rectum. Watch in amazement as Trey opens wide for Brent on a ladder, upside-down in a chair, through the footboard of a bed and then Brent gets him into his top secret position! Dig deep into your soul, or in this case, dig deep into the throbbing flesh of young hot white and black studs. These young chicks are well on their way to becoming full time sluts! Prepare for an amazing looking blonde form the former Soviet Union, what a great ass!! This hot nympho cocksucker really goes at it for all she’s worth! The producers of PICK UP LINES have picked up some of the most beautiful babes from around the world and assembled them in this award-winning video series.

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