Sinfonia Anale

Watch as these young, black co-eds show you what they’ve learned…it’s not the sort of class you’ll find in the course selection book. From housewife to whore, Kathy tells it like it is. In Part 4, one girl pairs up with a hung dude who fucks her so hard that sweats drips from him throughout the film! For this he pays the ultimate price! What’s a girl to do? Unplugged – plug it in! It doesn’t stop there. Here it is, this is what you’ve been waiting for! Mistress Anna Regent demonstrates how to tie, gag and dominate your partner, then finally performing full pantyhose encasement on her subject. These studs want tight man ass wrapped around their throbbing cocks! So, the two go to various Southern California locales looking to meet women who they can convince to do a sex scene in an adult movie. Some of the girls have tight buns, some have loose cheeks, some have long tongues and some have small tongues. After escaping from a suffocating home life, playing victim to a kinky married couple, suffering the voyeurism of his landlady, coupling with ladies who can’t stop eating, Ernie finally meets the girl next door who turns out to be the girl of his dreams. It’s election time and this female President is aggressive and hungry for results, not just across the polls. Our heroine gets into heaven, surrounded by angels. Midgets know how to rock the strap on, they fucking do! Well, one thing we do know; the only thing he’s accomplished in therapy is driving his shrink to drink. One girl…one piano…one girl…one bear skin rug…one girl…one photo studio…three guys…three scenes!! The beautiful little Asian Asako Honma makes this journey with the help of a friend. And what an ass it is. Intrepid Inspector Bones gets to the bottom of the mystery of why Bradley’s formerly frigid wife is now suddenly satisfied. If you like playing both sides of the field, and like to get dirty then Bisexual House Party 4 is the flick for you. After an hour and a half of getting pounded Aami has finally satisfied her sweet tooth craving for chocolate! Marie Madison uses her wily witchcraft and creates a man only 6 inches tall. These bitches like to play bareback and end up with a nice facial for all their “hard” work!

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