Shower Fun with William & Damien

From director Axel Braun, another torrid tale suspended between reality and lust. He said he wanted to start by examining me between my legs. 100% Woodman! Horny girls and very sexy girls! If you know who we’re talking about, we hope you keep the girl’s secret. Tarzan had a more then a vine for you to swing on! Women taking charge and leaving no man’s ass spared! But when this lusty longhorn find out his Wild Dallas Honey has hitched her wagon (and that’s not all) to a wealthy businessman, sparks fly and the couple splits—only to start an outrageous sexual saga! Nobody could make her cry! By day they are so-called supermodels of the fashion world and by night they get their fuck on. Towards the end she started tearing and whimpering. And, especially when they fight rough and grab each other’s tits and Asses!!! No one ever said Frenchmen didn’t know much about makin’ love.

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