Loved By A Lesbian

Who cares if it’s “bare-bones” when you’ve got such great “bare-boners?” Board the Latino Bareback Love Boat for the ride of your life!!! Starring Les Stein, Rick Sands, Lee Jennings, Gino Colbert, Brad Carlton and Paul Michaels. Everyone loves a good story…especially a good Sex Story! Don’t you want to lick them from head to toe…and hope they do the same in return! Once you see this movie, you won’t be able to get enough of 3’s Company 5 either! The Signature Series is a one hour video portrait by Mark Gemini of an exceptional man. Witness the adventures of the amazing voluptuous super-heroine that no criminal has ever withstood Angel Blade’s incredible sexiness. When the action starts, all you see and hear is real, uninterrupted sex! We open with the deceivingly naive looking white girl Britney Jay, who proves how experienced she really is for a 20 year old when she takes Billy Banks and rides him like a champ – she loves his cock! These men are working it hard for you — sucking and fucking their way into a frenzy!!

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