Hinter Verschlossenen Turen

Janet, Lucy, Melanie, Clara, Petra, Louis and Danny are real Euro teens and hungry to discover a new world. Decked out in costumes for the celebration they soon shed everything but their masks and fuck the shit out of the horny Latinos. Margaret and Yasmin are brand new, filthy and simply gorgeous! Even in the dark our deepest desires can overpower our fears…our natural human longing for flesh and fucking can lead us to the darkest corners of the world…without light to guide us. The eagerly awaited sequel to the hugely popular Tough Love is here! The good doctor has a plan that soon has Amber batting 1000… demonstrating some of the best medicines don’t have to come from the pharmacy! Luscious black beauties taking tons of cum shots. Her scenes sizzle with carnal energy. This scene gives us Tommy tied to a chair and struggling to get free. More super close-up pussy and ass shots from a West-coast bikini store, the last known footage from a WELL KNOWN high-street lingerie store fitting room, plus a couple of bonus shots that we received from Germany (sorry, Hans lost his job and ended up on probation so he isn’t filming any more).

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