Gimmie Your Load

Nobody can shoot it like GM Video!!! By popular demand, here is the third installment of Ass Appeal. Check out Marie Luv’s ass-to-mouth! “Trombone Blown” – Definition: The act of performing anal cunnilingus while reaching up above the testicles to manually administer quick up and down motions to the penile shaft; resulting in a violent yet pleasant explosion. He fills it with ice water and continues her punishment. This slut takes an incredible pounding, as she lays and screams for more and more cock. They will fuck and suck you and work those sweet round asses til they unload your balls and drain your cock! In the first scene, Pam wears a classic pair of stone- washed jeans, a white top, black bra, and heels. Blondes and Brunettes are beautiful and tasty! Have a good time with these. I mean really this stuff is not for the weak of heart or the week willed… Their cocks swell as they begin to lose consciousness to at the hands of their hot tormentors, only to climax in blissful release. Trashi…created to Fulfill One Man’s Insane Lust! These naughty newbies sure know how to take it hard and take it fast. Don’t miss out on this ass-pounding adventure from Bacchus!! Masked Lady X takes on 2 of the biggest cocks she has seen yet. Next, Jeremy Dunord services Joshua Cartier’s morning hard-on, and then Mac Savioe and Tomy Orne join them for a wake-up four-way. A chick with a dick? Let the news ring forth: Claudia Jamsson is back! We won’t spoil the plot by telling you what gorgeous Patricia Rivers and virile Mike Cone are looking for, or whether they find it, but we will guarantee that, for the viewer, there’s treasure of every kind in every last frame of this movie. Drunk and horny, Zack decides to pick up Tracy, a $2.00 crack whore. Head pounding back while the massager does its work. There is also lesbian fingering, bareback fucking and, of course, wonderful no-holds barred, sloppy wet rimming! Reflections of Lust explores the erotic belief that – The deeper you look into yourself the more likely you are to lust after someone else. Julian Wells and Kelli Summers are Ashleigh and Jennifer – two wealthy, straight as an arrow sisters conned out of their money and in desperate need of a housemate to share the costs of living. It’s all about respect. Risking sacrifice of the academy followers, the Fire Witch remains adamant in carrying out her mad strategy.

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