Filthy Young Teens 3

If you ever visit the early 1900’s and want to explore the secret sensual world of flapper whores and sinful pimps, stop by the Palace for an all-night session of hardcore drinking, gambling and exotic sex! She bends over and whirls and shows you how tight they are and how nice they make her ass look. Plus a new shocking discovery. It doesn’t take much convincing before she gets down on her knees and sucks off a room full of horny photographers. After a lot of talk Woody finally fessed up that he has always wanted to do a porno video. A B-cup with eraser nipples are she grabs the camera and has some fun with it. He’s far too busy with is work solving murders to spend any quality time with her. Dance floor upskirts…here is where you find what college girls wear under their skirts…or what they don’t wear! These top-heavy Latina’s have some voluptuous tits that they want you to suck on!!! Producer Reno Ash hooks the girls up to make their fantasy a reality. Pierre Woodman, ex-policeman, fashion photographer, and Hot Video reporter, once again takes you behind the scenes and demonstrates his technique for finding the world’s most beautiful, horny females to appear in his world-famous Castings series. Raquel trembles as her feet are whipped and tickled. The two look like they are having a lot of fun as the wrestling continues. These hot mamas want it bad! This flick stars 75-year-old Jeanette Spangler who has an insatiable hunger for cock. The girls, appalled, begin interrogating the guys, scolding them and searching them. These girls just love raw and spontaneous anal action. This is one party you will not want to miss. They’ll show you just what man-love is all about! So get busy with that extra credit assignment of Deep throating my throbbing dick! Beautiful Jeannie Rivers is back by popular demand and wants to show off her new boyfriend. Definitely hot and a must-see for guys who love blowjobs and Asian women! Another classic from the Land of the Rising Sun’s very own Typhoon Pictures, “Wonton Workers” features some very petite, natural Japanese whores. Monica: With her killer body, her luxuriously long hair and her green peepers, she makes a hell of a meal gettin’ her ass fucked on a dining table. When walking down the street you might turn your head and think its a hot chick, but once they take their pants down you will see a huge hard cock! Body Search won’t keep your dick undercover! She’s just plain nasty on your dick.

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