Fantasies Come True 6

All the beauty, passion and perversity you’ve come to know and expect. So, if you’re ready for something different, go for it! This time the enemy can only be beat with assistance of the very best in street-smart prostitution. This is Italy’s amusing attempt to spoof America’s “Something About Mary”. She is hot, horny and ready to go as she salivates about Sylvio’s yummy, yummy black cock. But you don’t have to blow your wad trying to bang one of these high-maintenance honeys just yet. The only thing better than their willingness to do take it from any angle is the fact that no one’s getting pregnant. For his first film I put him with gutterpunk Devon and newcomer Conley, who served as a willing bottom for Devon and Johan. He slowly kisses and seduces Sandra until she gives in to their mutual raw lust! And, while it’s wet back there, we had might as well stick our dick in there, too! Pretty sirens take it up the ass! There’s also an Asian here … She gives us one last loud and mind-blowing orgasm. Would you ever let your wife fuck another man? Watch in delight as these recent high school graduates get plowed nice and hard in their wet pussies and gaping assholes…including a special DP scene! The most beautiful and sexual older women in the world. Rik sits right down on that baby like there is no tomorrow. As these girls lick the top of a cock and then slide it to the back of their throat. She’s six months pregnant, but that is not getting in the way of her active sex life. These school girls are here to show you how well the youngsters have their fun, how intrepid and lustful are the best years of your life. There seems to be no question of sexuality when you have a hard-on and you need to get off.

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