Faces In Ecstasy Vol. 1

“Cowboy” is a young 19-year-old Marine from the great state of Texas! She finds out! We quickly learn that language is no barrier when you have a passion to suck some man-pole! How about pounding her so hard you injure yourself again! Sometimes caught in desperate situations, each bad girl seems to find a way to come out on top! Gangbang Bitches, these girls get down and dirty! Only thing they like better is if your buddy is fucking them in the pussy at the same time…less you have another friend you can invite over for a blow job! I guess we’re all shit out of luck. Don’t let these nurses use their tongue depressors on you! Their currency is their pussy! Watch out for Misty Parks as she takes two guys at onceā€¦A double vaginal! The guy couldn’t stop commenting on my expert cock-sucking technique.

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