Bocche Di Rosa

Join beautiful Sierra on a suspenseful, sun-drenched trip to Malibu. After watching the wild and crazy girl-girl action in’s boob bowl games, Sandra decides to try out for the team and shows you that she always gives 150%. The lawyer represents two young female owners of Sharon’s building (and her dungeon) who want her to vacate the premises so they can open a disco. As she sits at the roulette table, the imagination introduces her to a world of shiny leather and latex clothes where everybody is having sex. These Black beauties are ready for you AND your cock … She pulls his hard cock out and licks and sucks on it like a big lollipop. First she attempts to insert as many fingers as possible, but she’s too tight. She then flips around and starts to finger herself until she is fully done. Enjoy the motherly love … We relive her experiences as she develops into the voluptuous Venus she is today. Big cocks.

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