Arsch Hure

Stunning, French Rebecca takes magnificent Kym on the S&M/B&D ride of her life! They get food in every nook and cranny and all over the kitchen too! These girls love to pose in front of the camera, but are really dying to suck the cocks of as many veteran guys in the porn industry as possible. Once upon a time there were four little piggies who loved to wallow around in muck and filth. These guys definitely know how to play on both teams, and do their best to please both! It’s starts sort-of like an initiation but it eventually starts to get a lot more interesting and kinky. But one proviso exists, you can get fucked but you will have to suck cock to do it!!!! It’s amazing what girls will do when you put a video camera on ’em! This is the trouble with young stuff … In a garden of dreams and desires, a carnal rite awakens the world.

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